About Us

What does it mean to have a proper foundation? I often think of a house, a sturdy and solid foundation on a rock, not sand, and that will not crumble but is on solid ground. Organization and clutter are all around us constantly, look at your car (the seats, floors, trunk), your office desk, and rooms in your home you would be so happy to never see or just be perfectly content with keeping the door closed. Or your kitchen is so unfunctional you do not like to
cook anymore.

When being organized and items are in their proper place your outlook is very different, things start to come into perspective. Just like when a house is being built, from start to finish, there is a process that needs to happen and the end result is always beautiful by TCO team.

This is why I feel so passionate to be able to help and inspire others to get more organized and also have a clean home and office (check out GGCE) by providing the right guidance and the necessary tools. With our creative techniques for your home and office, you will see a positive difference.
We also have packages for twice a year or monthly
Thank you for taking the time to visit and read about TCO. As you make the first step in contacting us, you will have also made the first step in realizing you need assistance and a game plan with professional organizational tactics. Thank you and we are here to help.

Donna Dougherty
Creator/ Founder GGCE & TCO
Advanced Cleaning Leader
Professional Organizer

Mission Statement

The Creative Organizer loves serving our local community in the Great Philadelphia area and also Virtually with the best organizing tactics and solutions in a positive and ethical manner that will help to enhance your life for the better so you can not only see the difference of being organized and what that does for you, your family or your employees but you also feel the change within.
“Taking baby steps towards an organized life”, the TCO way.