Virtual Organizer

Virtually we can provide step by step ways to better organize your space. All you need is a cell phone, tablet, or laptop. Virtual organization is done clearly and slowly as The Creative Organizer will show you exactly what needs to be accomplished.

We understand that transforming a space can be difficult but you will see how this service will positively impact your life style.

What we can help with virtually.

• Process what can be recycled or donated.
• Provide links with suggested products that can make storage and organizing easier.
• Helping you budget your time more efficently.
• Benefits flexible scheduling.
• Creative problem-solving.


We can help you plan the layout of your new home, assisting in clutter removal, and taking inventory of your belonging. The Creative Organizer will supervise the movers creating peace of mind for you and your family.


The Creative Organizer can make the experience stress free. We can room to room and organize for areas for showing your beautiful space. We can help Pre-pack valuables while labeling all items carefully.


The Creative Organizer will listen to your plans, concerns and timeframe to better organize your space. We can help you sort your items afterward in your newly renovated home.


We visit your home/office to analyze, work habits and home atmosphere to rid of clutter and utilize your space. We will listen to your concerns with no judgments and help you better organize your lifesyle.

Virtual Organizers Gift Card:

• TCO Certificates for Virtual Organizing:
• Use this form here to order your virtual organizing sessions, or call us at 484-887-8730. This makes for a great gift certificate for someone who needs help organizing all their valuable possessions so they can locate them better and with more functionality.
• These organizing sessions are conducted via video calls.
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How it works for booking a virtual session:

Donna will create a free virtual meeting walk through to access what you need help with. This also allows her to create a written plan of action and also recommend the amount of session hours for the assistance of your goals and projects.
The next step is to book your sessions and schedule an appointment