What we Offer

After serving 22 years at an overhead crane manufacturing company, I have developed skills and knowledge that can be applied inside and outside of the Material Handling Industry.  I am passionate about Leadership.  I want to add value to individuals and companies that want to develop their leadership skills and their team’s performance.  After spending that long in the Overhead Crane Industry, I have too much industry specific knowledge not to share.  Whether you need help with: plans for a new overhead crane system, new equipment, Identify and locate repair parts or help finding a trustworthy crane service company, I am here to serve.  I am also an AWS certified welding inspector that can provide visual inspections of welds as well provide counsel on other welding related projects and supplies.


Speaking, Coaching, Training, Play the Leadership Game & Asses Behavior.

Overhead Cranes

System Design Consulting, New Equipment, Replacement Parts, Finding the best Service Provider near you.

Certified “Welding Inspector”

AWS Certified Welding Inspector AWS CWI# 15030711

Non-Profit Partners

We believe in supporting groups that are serving others.  www.asattcorp.com  & www.jesusoncolfax.com

Customer Service

Unfortunately customer service is hard to find these days.   We believe in honest open communication, regardless of the type of services we are providing.  Customer Service is our top priority.  We are here to serve you and your company not ourselves.